Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10 months old (and an appointment update)

Cameron is 10 months old today!! That really freaks me out, she is way too close to being a year old. I am in complete disbelief at how fast this year has flown. In one short month it will have been a full year since I was put on hospital bed rest and in two months will be her big first birthday. I can't believe it.

My 10 month old!

We went to the NICU follow up clinic for a Bayley screening (developmental screening) and visit with the developmental neonatologist. The Bayley screening went great, the OT and doctor were completely happy with her scores. She was 50th percentile for cognitive skills, 24th percentile for language, and 34th percentile for motor skills, all for her adjusted age. A little slow on language but I already knew that since she is not babbling yet. Even still she is right where she is supposed to be for all three areas. The doctor was so impressed and was in such awe at how amazing she is doing, she even brought some nurse practitioners into the room to show them and kept saying she just couldn't believe she was a 26 weeker.

The downside is they do want Cameron evaluated by physical therapy. They think her ankles are tight, she is not really standing flat footed and she resists when anyone tries to bend her ankle into a flat footed position. They said it's entirely possible that we could see PT and they will think her ankles are just fine but they want her evaluated to be safe. I'm not sure when we will be going for that appointment as I'm waiting for the scheduler to call me back.

So overall it went well. Cameron is not delayed in any area which is great but just what we expected :)

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