Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Growing up

Cameron is becoming a little lady. A TODDLER. I can't believe it. She is officially toddling, otherwise known as walking (well, sort of). She doesn't walk as her primary mode of transportation but she is walking quite a bit, especially if you set her up. Walking is such a special milestone to me. It is THE major milestone in a child's life I think. When Cameron was first born people would always say things like "you'll forget all about this when you are chasing after your toddler". I hoped that would be the case, but there was a real possibility Cameron would never walk or toddle. I just remember thinking that I may never get to see her walk. But anyways, she is awesome and all that sad stuff is behind us. And now she is walking! She is adorable doing it. She is obviously still in the zombie stage and I love it! So without further ado, here is a video!

So that's the big news. I know I've been a terrible blogger but really not much is going on. I have not been doing much photography either but I decided today to get back into it. I'm mad at myself that I don't have many pictures of Cameron over the past couple of months (or any on Christmas) but I promise myself that I will get back to regular photography. I started back up with it today. And wow, can I just say that Cameron looks like such a big girl? When looking back at the photos I could not believe how grown up she looks. Not only is she walking but she just looks like a toddler. She doesn't even look like a baby anymore. She is losing the baby face and gaining more of her own unique features. It's so interesting to watch her face change as she grows. And as always, she looks absolutely beautiful. She is quite a stunner :)

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