Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some updates

First off, Cameron went to physical therapy today and the therapist was impressed! She was so happy with the improvement. So she doesn't want to see us again for two weeks instead of one. She is going to keep an eye on her but is very confident this will be an easy fix.

And now for some non-Cameron news, Josh and I are buying a house!! We got our pre-approval, looked at houses, put an offer on a house, came to an agreement, signed the contract, and put in our formal loan application. We close at the end of September! I am so excited. Mostly I am excited for Cameron to have plenty of room to play. She will even have her own playroom!! We do not have the luxury of that in our current situation. She has almost no room to run around. I am so glad she is going to have all this space once we move! Josh and I love the house and we are just so happy. So that's it for now, eventually I'm sure I will post pictures and all that stuff.

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