Sunday, December 30, 2012

11 months (adjusted)

I have completely neglected the blog. This post is a month late, I wrote it on time so the information is accurate but I just never got around to publishing it. Nor did I get around to doing her 11 month photo. I will post her 12 month adjusted update later too.

Adjusted age: 11 months

Actual age: 14 months, 5 days

Weight: 19 lb 12.8 oz, weight gain has definitely slowed down which is normal at this age on top of the fact that she had the flu this month

Height: Really not sure, but maybe 27 inches?

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: 12 months / 6-12 months

Medications/medical concerns: Cameron had the flu and another cold this past month but she is healthy now.

Sleep: Cameron is consistently sleeping through the night now. She sleeps usually from 8-8:30. Here and there she wakes up but a lot of the time she puts herself back to sleep and if not, I can't nurse her back to sleep anymore so I just bring her into bed with Josh and I and she sleeps the rest of the night there. I secretly enjoy that immensely and part of me wishes it would happen more often. But we all sleep better separately so she is better off in her crib. For naps, I'm not really sure what is going on. She is straddling a one nap and a two nap schedule. Most days now she is only getting one nap.

Eating: She is on all solid foods and milk or water. No more nursing :( She has three meals per day and usually two snacks. She doesn't do so well with vegetables but everything she does pretty good with. Her favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, cheese, and toast with peanut butter. She is not a big drinker but she usually drinks a sippy cup full of liquids per day. She has plenty of wet diapers and I give her lots of yogurt and applesauce so I'm not concerned.

Developmental milestones: Not much at all has happened this month. She is still standing without holding onto anything but for longer periods of time now. She attempts a step here and there but nothing close to walking. No words or anything yet, still just a lot of babbling. She says mama and dada all the time but still not to the correct person. She still does not have any gestures either but her pediatrician is not concerned so I am not either. I have to say I have finally given up on worrying about development. She has proven over and over that she will do it all, just in her own time. I am going to let her do things at her own pace and not worry :)

Teeth: She has six teeth now, four on top, two on bottom. I don't see any others coming.

Best moment this month: Putting up all our Christmas decorations! Christmas seems to take on a whole new meaning when you have a child. I am so excited to celebrate Christmas with Cameron in our new house. During Christmas last year she had just come home from the hospital and there was still so much uncertainty about her future, plus I was so worried about her getting sick that it was more stressful than anything. This year just feels so different!

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