Saturday, June 8, 2013

Words (20 months)

For now I am going to keep going with the monthly communication posts. But her receptive language is so good that she understands almost everything we say. So keeping track of that anymore is kind of unrealistic. From now on I will just track her words.

  • Night night *nyny*
  • Belly *bebby*
  • Nose *no*
  • Clap *clap*
  • Dance *dah*
  • Shake *shik*
  • Doggie *doddee*
  • Dada *dada*
  • Mama *mama*
  • Baby *baby*
  • Ball *bah*
  • Bye bye *buhbye*
  • All done *dahda*
  • Nana *nana*
  • Woof woof *oof oof*
  • Rock *uck*
  • Milk *mi*
  • Uh oh *uh oh*
  • Bath *ba*
  • Bubble *buh buh* (she says this in reference to bubbles)
  • Pop *pop* (she says this when she pops a bubble, it is really cute)
  • Corn *cuh* (she started saying this when we were having corn one night)
  • Lotion *lohlah* (this is a tough word, but she is attempting it when we do her lotion after her bath)
  • Bounce *bah* (she says this when I bounce her, or ask if she can bounce herself)
  • Yeah *yah* (she repeats this one, and I think will answer a yes or no question with it, I asked her if she wanted milk and she said it a few times)
  • Hello *elluh* (she says this when I hand her a phone or something that looks like a phone, she will hold it up to her ear and say hello)
  • Shoe *sh*
  • No *nono* (she says this sometimes but not really appropriately, I often tell her "no, no Cameron" when she is doing something wrong so she has picked up on it and says it a lot)
  • Waffle *wohgo* (in reference to her morning waffle)
  • Blankie *blibee*
  • Book *boo*
  • Choo choo *oo oo* (in reference to a toy train)
For right now that is 32 words.

Cameron's early intervention specialist was here yesterday and we talked a lot about language. At this age they would like her to have about 10 unrepeated words. Meaning words that she says without having to repeat (the bolded ones are unrepeated words). So when she sees a ball, or doggie, or milk she will just say the words without hearing them first. She is right on track for that and has about 10-15. Just from this list she has 32 words total that I can understand, but a lot of them are still repeated. She knows exactly what they mean, but still needs to hear it first to verbalize it. For example waffle, she knows exactly what that is and will repeat it about a million times after I say it once.

Interestingly, she no longer just says bye bye. She says bye bye "bajoo". I don't know what "bajoo" is but Cameron does. One day I will figure it out. She must have heard something enough times somewhere that she picked it up. As the days go on I'm sure it will become more clear and I will get it.

She is picking up new words on a daily basis at this point so this list should continue to grow and grow!

She also knows four body parts now! She can point to her nose, hair, belly, and eyes.

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