Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For Halloween. . .

...Cameron is going to be a giraffe! I couldn't not dress her up for her very first Halloween. I wasn't quite sure where on earth I was going to get a "costume" small enough for her. It's not like they sell costumes in stores for a two and a half pound baby. I found a woman on etsy.com who crochets hats for preemies (and all other sizes too). Almost all the preemie sized hats I found are for babies around five pounds but she does custom sizes for babies anywhere from 1-6 pounds. I got Cameron's giraffe hat in the mail today and it's super cute! It looked pretty big and I thought it would be huge on Cam so we tried it on her while we were there today. It actually fit perfectly, and let me tell you it was beyond adorable so I'm really excited to have her wear it on Halloween! When we go to visit her that night we are going to take a bunch of pictures and all that good stuff. I can't wait!!
Cam's giraffe "costume"!!
As far as everything else, she kept having those same oxygen desaturation spells so they put her back on the lasix yesterday. They are going to keep her on it every other day and hopefully if her potassium gets low they will just supplement it without stopping the lasix. She definitely needs it and already she was much better tonight. They still haven't taken her off the BiPap and put her back on the regular CPAP yet but made some good progress today in decreasing her BiPap settings. She tolerated it well so I'm hoping really soon we'll get her back on the CPAP. It feels like it's going to take forever but I just can't wait until she doesn't have to be on either one and she doesn't have to wear her little mask anymore. For now her lungs just need time.

As I expected she did lose a little bit of weight last night after starting back on the diuretic. She was 2 lb 6.5 oz. Nothing drastic, and they didn't weigh her yet tonight and won't do so until 4 A.M. so I won't find out about it until tomorrow. Also, they measured her last night and she has grown about 3 cm (just over an inch) in length since birth! She is really getting bigger and it's starting to get easier to tell when I look at her. For a while it was hard for me to say because I see her everyday but now it's undeniable when I think about how tiny she was at birth.
And a picture of Josh kangarooing just because :)

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  1. Awww I love her costume! Can't wait to see pictures of her wearing it!