Friday, October 28, 2011

I have a chubby baby

Last night Cam was up to just about 2 lb 10 oz (2 lb 9.7 oz)!!! We have surpassed two and a half pounds and we're working towards the big 3 :) Her difference in size is starting to become obvious to the naked eye. Here's the difference from 1 week old to 5 weeks old:
September 30, 6 days old
October 28, 4 weeks 6 days old
The quality on the pictures isn't great because they are taken through the isolette glass but look at that little chubster! I think she looks so much bigger although it's hard to tell in length but she is measuring over an inch longer than at birth. If you click on the photos to enlarge them you can see much better. Also, notice the band aid on her left arm. Yep, that's the spot the PICC line was inserted. No more dressing, no more IV cords, she's now got two free arms! That means she is up to full feeds or 120 calories of breast milk per kilogram. She is 1.182 kg so she needs about 148 calories per day. The last two days the increased her feeds pretty quickly in order to get her PICC line out so they gave her the day off today. But from here on out they will increase her feeds only based on her weight gain to keep her at the 120 calorie per kilogram ratio.

They did a chest x-ray to look at her lungs and heart again today. It showed a little bit of fluid in the lungs but not as much as the doctor was expecting so he was definitely happy with the results. Also because of how hard her heart has to work due to the PDA he was expecting it to be enlarged and it was actually the proper size for her body so again he was satisfied with that. Basically what these results tell him is that her PDA is not causing her a problem where we would need to think about closing it with the surgery. It's always such a relief to get good test results. On that note this morning she also had another head ultrasound to check for bleeding. As with the ones she's already had, it was just routine and they don't expect to find anything but we won't get official results until later today.

That's it for news today but overall, she is growing like a weed and doing really well. Don't be surprised if she doesn't gain for a couple days or even loses weight as her body fluids adjust to not having the PICC. Hopefully that won't happen but I'm told after that she will take off :D I won't update again for a day or so unless something happens with her ultrasound, no news is good news!

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