Friday, October 21, 2011

She's a real person!!

I was really excited when I got the mail today and Cameron had a letter addressed directly to her (edited out personal info for internet privacy), I guess that makes it official that she's a real person. Her first letter :) Then I realized inside was her social security card so that REALLY makes it official! It reminds me of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who: "a person's a person no matter how small". I have a hard time truly feeling like a mother and I have to remind myself that I am just as much of a mother as other women with newborn babies just that I have to be a mother in a different way. Sometimes I don't feel like I have a real child because I can't take her home and hold her like a normal baby. It feels like this is all pretend, but her getting a letter and her social security card pretty much set it in stone, she's real and I'm not going to wake up one day from a crazy dream that I had a daughter. She's not going anywhere!

As for a NICU update, we had a really good visit with Cameron today. I kangarooed with her yesterday and Josh kangarooed with her today, she was on her best behavior through both sessions. She showed no signs of distress at all. We're getting to hold her more often and can probably start holding her every day! Kangaroo time is by far the best part of NICU life.

Her potassium was low today which is common for people taking lasix. They gave her more potassium through her IV feed and didn't give her today's dose of lasix. It has definitely done it's job already, she should be okay without it for a while. They are probably going to start her on a different diuretic sometime over the next couple of days if she needs it.

Her weight tonight was still 2 lbs 5 oz, same as last night. That's okay though, she had gained 3 ounces in two days so I'm fine with her staying the same for a day, I just don't want her to lose. Fingers crossed for another ounce tomorrow night!

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  1. I had a hard time feeling like a "real mom" at first, too. (((hugs))) Yay for her first letter!!!