Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strange day

Today is the day that for the very first time Cameron has lived longer at home than she lived in the hospital. Every day from here on out, her hospital stay will be a smaller and smaller portion of her life, more and more of a distant memory. It feels like we were in the NICU for an agonizingly long period of time and every day seemed to creep by slower than ever, while the time that she has spent at home has completely flown by. It truly is hard to believe that she has lived with us at home longer than she hasn't. It feels good though! That got me thinking about something else too. Within the next couple of weeks Cameron will have actually lived for a longer period of time on the outside world than she did inside of me while I was pregnant. She is growing up :) Here are some photos I took earlier today. I love the little booties she is wearing, plus she was pretty smiley during the photo shoot! And don't mind the drool either, she's been drooling quite a bit lately.

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  1. She is turning into such a goregous little lady. I am starting to see your hubby in her face as well. Yay for Cameron being at home longer then the NICU what an amazing feeling that must be for you guys. I love it!