Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 months (adjusted)

Here is my monthly update for Cameron's 2 month "adjusted" birthday! Luckily, because of the leap year she has a 2 month adjusted birthday this month, otherwise there would have been no February 29th :)

Adjusted age: 2 months

Actual age: 5 months, 5 days

Weight: 9 lb 5 oz (2/27)

Length: Roughly 20-21 inches. Our next pedi appt is on March 26th where we will get an official measurement. I've measured her but have no idea how accurate my measurements are.

Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 0-3 months

Medications/medical concerns: None really anymore, I am so thrilled about this! In the past month Cameron came off of her caffeine and her monitor. Her ROP has resolved and we don't have to go to anymore eye doctor appointments! Any reflux/spitting up issues that we had seem to have completely resolved which I'm so happy about. She is still on multivitamins.

Sleep: Sleep is going great for the most part. She is sleeping through the night pretty well, we got an 8 hour stretch and a 10 hour stretch over the weekend, last night she went 9 hours but the night before she did wake up once in the middle of the night to eat. But overall it's going great. The only issue is the time at which she goes to sleep is still all over the place. Some nights she will go down at 10:30 and others she will be up until almost 3 in the morning. I'm not sure how to get her schedule more consistent.

Eating: Eating has greatly improved over the past month. We are still fortifying but it we are now fortifying to 24 calories per ounce instead of 27 calories per ounce. We are also cutting out the rice cereal since her reflux/spitting issues have resolved. She is eating way more every feeding, ranging usually from 2.5-3.5 ounces. She eats about every 3 hours during the day, almost every 2 hours in the evening and then we get at least a 6 hour stretch at night, more recently it's been 8+ hours. She finally seems to be eating a substantial amount, her digestive system seems to have really matured in the past month.

Developmental milestones: She is definitely starting to smile more. Now sometimes if I walk into a room or come back from the kitchen or something she will smile when she sees me. She likes to smile and "talk" on her changing table a lot too. She is interested in toys, obviously not batting or grabbing at them yet, but paying attention to toys when you put them in front of her face. She is tracking faces and toys with her eyes, absolutely loves looking into mirrors, and in general she is having more wakeful periods where she remains content. She is making many more noises and cooing sounds.

Best moment this month: Completing all of her lingering issues from the NICU. No more ROP, no more caffeine, no more monitor! She finally feels like a completely normal baby!!

I have to say, I really love doing these updates. It is so hard to remember how she was acting a month ago because I am with her all day, every day. But looking back at last month's update in comparison is pretty cool. She has made some really great strides without me even realizing it!

And a comparison collage:

Notice the sticker looks smaller in the 2 month photos, really it's the same size but Cameron is bigger! She is also wearing the same onesie in both photos, it's just tighter on her now.

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