Saturday, February 11, 2012

An early Valentine's Day post!

I took a bunch of Valentine's Day pictures of Cameron and they turned out so great! I was even lucky enough to get some REAL smiles on camera for the first time! I had gotten some smile-like photos where it happened to look like she was smiling at the moment I took the shot, but these photos are a real prolonged smile (they are towards the end)! I was so excited :D So here they are!

Cameron really is turning out to be quite the model! I am loving all the great pictures I am getting of her. Also, Cameron is getting to be a very high maintenance baby which is a-okay with me, but the blog is suffering a little bit. I have so much stuff I want to post about, just never the time but I will get back to it!! We have an eye appointment this week so I may have news after that, but overall everything is going quite well in our hosue. I should also mention that Cameron is a whopping 8 pounds! Actually 8 and a quarter at this point and she is soon to be growing out of her newborn diapers and clothing. She has almost quadrupled her birth weight which is crazy!! It is still so surreal to look back on the days when I wondered if we would ever get to this point. But Cameron is so strong and she truly amazes me, I am so incredibly proud of her and I hope one day she understands how proud I am.


  1. Love all the pix and LOVE that she is over 8 lbs!

  2. She is one gorgeous baby! I truly love her story. She is the definition of a miracle. It also says a lot about you, Megan. The obstacles you had and still have to overcome say a lot about you. You are such a strong person and Cam is blessed to have you as her mommy.

    I've been wanting to tell you that. Sorry for the mushiness :)