Monday, February 27, 2012

Hh, Ii

I forgot to do an 'H' post last week so I'm combining 'H' and 'I' this week.

So Cameron may not know that she is a Harry Potter fanatic yet, but she will be one day! I guess I should explain this one though. Josh and I both really love Harry Potter. When I was admitted on hospital bed rest we had to do something to kind of pass the time and keep looking forward instead of dwelling on our current situation. If you remember, I was admitted for bed rest with the threat of delivering well before Cameron was considered viable on the outside world. So we decided to start reading Harry Potter. Josh would come to the hospital every day after work and read out loud to Cameron (still in my belly obviously). We figured if we could get through the first and second books, she would have a really great chance at surviving on the outside world. Then every book after that would mean she would have stayed in for even longer and increase her chances even more. Well, we made it through the first three books. It was enough but we wish we could have made it through all seven. Either way, Cameron has been "reading" Harry Potter since before she was even born, and that makes her a Harry Potter fanatic!

First of all, I should mention that Josh was on standby right outside the view of the photo. No, we don't just sit Cameron on top of Penny unattended. Penny is super well behaved around Cameron anyways so I wasn't really concerned. And while I wouldn't say these two are inseparable quite yet, I know one day Cameron will really love Penny, and unfortunately for Penny I'm sure the idea of riding her will be quite appealing to little Cam in a couple of years.

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  1. Awww, I read HP outloud to my Harry while he was in my belly, too! That pic is just great, she is such a cutie pie!