Friday, May 10, 2013

Language and communication, 19.5 months

The following is a list of things Cameron understands and instructions she will follow.
  • Blow kisses
  • Give high fives
  • Wave bye-bye (she also does this without being asked in the appropriate situations)
  • Brush her hair (go find her brush and *try* to brush her hair)
  • Ride her elephant (if I tell her "go ride your elephant" she runs over and gets on her rocking elephant)
  • Point to her nose
  • Point to her belly
  • Clap
  • Dance
  • Find the baby (run to the mirror in her room and point to herself)
  • Bring me a book
  • Put her arms up (when taking off her shirt I'll say "arms up!" and she puts her arms up)
  • Come here (of course only when she feels like it)
  • Give me something (I'll say "can I have that?" and she gives it to me)
  • Shake shake shake (gets her maracas)
  • Point to her hair
  • Sit down/stand up
  • Go to the bathtub (she runs to the bathtub when I tell her it's time for her bath)
  • Drink her milk
  • Lean her head back (for washing her hair)
  • Eat dinner/lunch (she will go to her chair when I say it's time to eat dinner or lunch)
  • Come give me a hug
  • Give me kisses (puts her mouth to my mouth)
  • Go outside
  • Bounce the ball (she knows to throw it on the ground)
  • Push the baby (puts her doll in the toy stroller and pushes it around)
  • Who's home!? (when I say this she runs to the garage door where Josh comes in from work, at which point she says dada! and waits patiently for him to open the door)
  • Say hello (holds the phone up to her ear)


  • Night night *nyny* (I say "want to go night night?" and she says night night)
  • Belly *bebby* (I ask her "where's your belly", she points to it and says belly, she also does this one unprompted)
  • Nose *no* (I ask her "where's your nose", she points to it and says nose)
  • Clap *clap* (when I ask her to clap she will clap and say the word clap)
  • Dance *dah* (when I ask her to dance she will dance and say the word dance)
  • Shake *shik* (when I tell her to shake her shakers she shakes them and says shake)
  • Doggie *doddee* (she says this to any dog, or animal that looks like a dog)
  • Dada *dada*
  • Mama *mama*
  • Baby *baby* (when she sees herself in the mirror, or for her baby doll)
  • Ball *bah*
  • Bye bye *bah bah* (she says this if I am putting on her coat or someone is opening a door)
  • All done *ahda* (she sometimes says this when she is done with her food)
  • Nana *nana* (for banana)
  • Woof woof *oof oof* (when a dog barks she does this, or when we ask what does a doggie say?)
  • Rock *uck* (when she picks up a rock, I tell her it's a rock, she repeats)
  • Milk *mi* (when I say something about her milk)
  • Uh oh *uh oh* (she says this unprompted when she drops something, mostly her sippy cup off the table)
  • What's that *dat* (this one she has been doing for a while, I often point to things and say what's that? now whenever she sees something of interest she points to it and exlaims dat!)
  • Bath *ba* (she says this when we are starting her bath)

She is getting the hang of answering questions. When I say where's your milk? Or where's the doggie? She will point to the items and sometimes say them (she always says doggie when pointing to the dog). Also, when Josh pulls in the drive way I say who's home? And she runs over to the door and yells dada! Her language is becoming very interactive. She is answering questions, following many different instructions, and wanting to name lots of objects. I really enjoy this stage of learning!

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