Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring happenings

Here is another post consisting of the past couple of weeks' instagram photos! Just the family hanging out :) In no particular order...

I turned 19 months old today!

She won't let me put clips in her hair so I have to tie a ribbon in her pony tail!

Observing in her adorable bubble romper

Her bubble machine!!

She can't get enough of sidewalk chalk

Cheese sauce finger painting

Someone got into the cheetos

Getting a ride from daddy

Silly baby always puts her foot up on the table like this!

Evidence of chalk eating

Sir Elton John sunglasses

Helping daddy with the gardening

Just looking cute :)

Looking really cute again

From my hibiscus plant

Hello Kitty sunglasses

Little miss Hollywood

How can you tell I was eating ice cream?

Mommy and Cam at the beach

Lollipop and a pretzel stick

Looking out at the lake. Is it time for the beach yet?

Make a wish

Messy eater

Our new bed with the hibiscus plants

Looking cute in overalls

Running at the park

Painted toenails!

Yummy popsicle

Pretty in purple

Summer shoes

Sleeping on mommy when she was sick :(

Crazy girl can climb up to that table!

Skimmers from babygap

Trying to climb up the slide


Carrying around her play tunnel

Just goin for a walk!

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