Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 years old!!! (24 months)

Age: 24 months

Weight: 25 lb, 1 oz (28%)

Height: 32 in (10%)

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: 12-18 and 18-24

Shoe size: She is growing out of size 4 shoes, wears mostly size 5 or 6, both fit her well right now but it will be 6 for the duration of winter.

Medications/medical concerns: None

Sleep: Night, 8/8:30 to 8 in the morning, nap, 1/1:30 to around 3.

Eating: She is eating great as always, loves fruit as always, loves yogurt and mac and cheese

Developmental milestones: Speech continues progressing, she is starting to *try* to use 2 word phrases. Consistently she can say "hi doggie/daddy/mama". Other than that it is hard for her. I have gotten her to ask for things saying please a handful of times, she will say please alone all day long if it means getting what she wants, but coupling it with another word is hard for her, but she has tried to say things like "sticker please" or "cookie please".

It's very interesting to me how this all works, she has so much trouble separating vowel sounds from different words. Sometimes if I ask her to say "hi mama", she will say "hi mymy", she carries over the "i" sound to mama. She does that almost every time she tries to use a two word phrase. And then she will try it again until it comes out right. It's like a tongue twister, or the way adults have a hard time rubbing their stomach in circles and patting the top of their head at the same time.

Teeth: 16, she now has all of her canines. Only the 2 year molars are left.

This month of course was her birthday!! We had such a great day. She got her play kitchen first thing and LOVES it. She would play with it for hours if she could. Then she had breakfast and went to her playgroup. We came home for lunch and she took her nap. After her nap we went to Build-a-Bear and she had a blast. I was a bit worried she wouldn't be interested, but she totally was. She was so very happy looking at all the stuffed animal options and we settled on a bunny because of the way she just lit up and hugged this thing like crazy. She immediately yelled "bubby! bubby!" (her word for bunny) when she was holding it. So we stuffed it and picked out an outfit. She saw these bunny slippers (how fitting) and loved them, again yelling "bubby! bubby!". So we put those on her bunny and picked out a night robe to go with it. We named her "Bubby" of course, and I can not believe how very attached Cameron already is to that thing. She would hug and snuggle it endlessly and she has insisted on bringing it with her everywhere since yesterday. After Build-a-Bear went and got her Panera mac & cheese, which she absolutely loves, and she had that and yogurt for dinner. Then we got her an M&M sugar cookie for her birthday treat and of course that was a hit. Overall it was a pretty laid back day, but we made sure that she enjoyed herself. We got her to start answering "two" when asked "how old are you?", it is really cute. Her birthday party is on Saturday and we are really excited!

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  1. Sounds like Cameron had a great 2nd birthday! :)