Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Must have baby items (newborn)

Fisher Price Rock N Play

This item is wonderful for reflux. It became obvious that Cameron was not going to sleep at night on a flat surface so we switched to the Rock N Play. It allows the baby to sleep on an incline and meets all safety standards for nighttime sleep unlike a bouncer or swing. She does not spit up nearly as much when she is sleeping on an incline vs on a flat surface. It also folds up very compactly which makes it easy to bring it anywhere.

Soothe and Glow Seahorse

I've made this part of our bedtime routine so that Cameron has some cues for when it's bedtime vs naptime. I put this next to her in the Rock N Play and allow it to play a couple of times through. It plays soothing songs and noises and honestly helps her get to sleep. It also lights up so that she can transition from the bright living room to the dark bedroom more easily.

Lots and lots and lots of burp cloths

We truly go through burp cloths like there's no tomorrow. Preemies often have more reflux/spit up issues due to weakened esophageal sphincters and Cameron is no exception. She spits up constantly and burp cloths are necessary wherever we go. We couldn't possibly have too many.

Arm and Hammer diaper pail

I love this thing. It is very small/compact and holds about 5-10 days worth of diapers. It's super quick and easy to change the bags and it really helps keep the smell contained.


I hate the bulb aspirator that they give you in the hospital. The nosefrida works a million times better. I would not be able to get any of Cam's boogers out without it. I put some saline drops in her nose first and then suck everything out with the nosefrida. Yes you actually suck the boogers out with your mouth but there is a foam piece that blocks the boogers from making it to you.

Tommee Tippee bottles

These bottles are what got us out of the NICU. The day I brought them in is the day she started taking all of her feeds by bottle. Who knows how much longer we would have been there without them. They look and feel much more like a breast than other bottles which I think makes bottle feeding easier for babies since they instinctively know how to breast feed.

Moby wrap

I absolutely love my moby wrap. It's wonderful being able to carry Cameron around hands free while she is sleeping. There are so many things I can get done while holding her (dishes etc) plus she sleeps much better with me than by herself in her swing/bouncer/rock n play. Babywearing promotes growth and cognitive development in the baby and a stronger bond between mother and baby.

Graco Deluxe Stylus Travel System

This travel system is the best! I haven't used any others out there so I guess I can't really compare but I love it! The stroller folds up so easily and fits really nicely into our car. The car seat is pretty easy to get in and out once you get the hang of it too. I love how easy it is to pop the car seat out of the car and into the stroller. There are so many neat features there are very easy to use. Assembly was also quick and easy.

Hygeia baby scale

Because of Cameron's struggles gaining weight in the NICU I needed a scale at home to monitor her weight gain myself so this isn't a "normal" baby product. But I would still use it if I had another "normal" baby. I think it gives you really good insight about your baby. I can be completely confident that she is either gaining properly or I can change what we are doing in order to make her gain properly

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  1. Love this post! We have the seahorse too and use it to help get Liam to sleep at night :)