Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ROP and other ramblings

This is going to be a long one, I have a lot of stuff to talk about.

Cameron went back to the ophthalmologist today and we didn't get the greatest news. The ROP in her left eye did not improve and he is now saying that her right eye has developed ROP. He is still not concerned at all and wants to continue to monitor her closely. We go back again in two weeks.

I think we found the key to Cam's spit up issues. She was having quite a bit of projectile vomit so her doctor wanted us to try a little bit of rice cereal. We went back to fortifying my breast milk because her weight gain really slowed and it didn't really seem to be helping with the spit up. But we are no longer fortifying with Similac neosure, we are using Similac sensitive for spit-up. Using that special formula to fortify plus a little bit of rice cereal is doing wonders. Her weight gain has really picked up and she is still occasionally vomiting but not nearly as much. She is up to 5 lb 12.6 oz! She is so close to 6 pounds! In case you are wondering how I keep track of her weight so closely now that we are out of the NICU, I actually bought a baby scale. I would stress so much without it and it gives me peace of mind that she is getting enough nutrition since she is not the best eater. I am even letting her feed on demand now. I won't wake her up anymore to eat. She will go up to 6 hours but usually averages about 3 hours.

She is still a pretty good sleeper except for the middle of the night. Whether I spoiled her into not sleeping at night or not, I don't know, but she constantly cries unless I hold her. I'm okay with that though because I can never get too much cuddle time with Cam. 82 days in the NICU will do that to you I guess.

Developmentally she is doing awesome!! Her motor skills are developing way ahead of her adjusted age. Right now she is considered a "normal newborn" since my due date was last Thursday. But she is able to hold her head up at a 45 degree angle and she can bear all of her weight on her legs (as long as I balance her of course). If she is laying on her belly against my stomach she can push herself upwards against my lap with her legs. Every doctor who ever sees her remarks on how strong she is. Cognitive skills are harder to tell right now but she responds to bright lights and loud noises. She is focusing on interesting objects and following people's faces with her eyes. I am just so happy with her progress. Our biggest fear right now is that she will have developmental delays but her progress is really impressive. I can't wait until she does more social interaction like smiling!

I want to brag on Josh for a minute. He is doing so well with Cameron and is absolutely smitten by her. He does not mind one bit getting up with her in the middle of the night even though he has to work. He is such a huge help and is so hands on. He often tells me to go get out of the house or take a nap while he takes care of her and he actually complains if I do too much "baby hogging". She has definitely got him wrapped around her little finger!!

Overall Cameron is really thriving at home. We are working out the kinks and she seems very happy to be out of the hospital. A friend of mine from nursing school always says there's only so much thriving you can do in the hospital and she is right, in 3 weeks she is already a totally different baby from when she left the hospital. Hope I didn't bore you too much as I had a lot stuff to update on! I also want to do a post on my "must-have" baby items that have helped us survive her adjustment to home so look for that. Thanks for reading!

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