Sunday, January 8, 2012

She looks a lot like her dad too...

Josh's mom gave us some baby pictures of him today and they also look a whole lot alike. I guess it doesn't matter who she looks like, she is too cute either way! I just think it's fun to compare. Not surprisingly, I think she is definitely a combination of both.

Baby picture of Josh
And of course I have more cute pictures of Cam that I need to share!
On our way to the pediatrician
Just hangin out with dad!
Not happy
New years eve outfit
On her first walk!! It was really nice out for January!
REALLY not happy
She's so cute sitting in this chair.
I'm going to start taking monthly pictures
of her in it so you can see her growth.
I should mention that Cameron is officially 6 pounds!!! She is growing so fast! Her legs are starting to look really chubby :)

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  1. We have the same car seat cover! It really puts into perspective the size difference between my heifer of a son and petite lil Cam. She is adorable!