Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cloth diapering update

When I posted on Wednesday about our decision to cloth diaper we had only test run a few diapers and were still in the process of really switching over. Now we have been fully cloth diapering for a couple of days so I thought I would talk about my initial thoughts.

Overall, I absolutely love cloth diapering. We have most of our stash (still waiting on a couple more diapers to come in the mail) and I love all of the different diapers we have tried. I am mad that we didn't start sooner! I definitely do not regret switching so far.

The way most of the diapers are made is with a pocket that is made of fleece and then you stuff the pocket with an insert that absorbs all the pee. The insert wicks all the moisture away from the fleece and the fleece stays completely dry, hence Cameron's bottom stays completely dry. I love that part of it. I was worried she would feel wet when I changed her diapers but she is pretty much never wet. Even overnight she stays dry. This was my main concern as it would allow for more diaper rash to pop up if she was sitting in wetness all the time. Not only is she never wet, but the fleece is SO soft!! I can't imagine how much more comfortable Cameron is having a soft fleece diaper on her bottom and around her legs rather than a papery diaper!

We have had no leaks or poop blowouts to speak of. This was my other major concern, disposable diapers had always worked so well for us in that area that I was worried I would regret rocking the boat if we had an issue. I am happy to report though that cloth diapers are just as effective at retaining urine/poo as disposable diapers.

The diapers are so adorable on Cameron. I talked a little about this in my previous post but I am loving how cute the cloth diapers look on her more and more every day. This past week it got pretty hot in our house so I gave her lots of diaper time which I didn't mind at all. In a way I was still able to dress her up without even putting clothes on her! Cloth diapering is just fun. I know some people wouldn't agree with that statement but picking out which diaper she wears next makes diaper changes enjoyable. And I have to say that I kind of enjoy the cloth diaper laundry. If any of the chores in the house fall behind, it won't be cloth diaper laundry. I like having fresh, clean diapers and putting them all away knowing they are all ready for Cameron to wear again.

I had bought a bunch of disposable diapers in advance thinking that I would be saving myself the trouble for a while of having to go out and buy them. Well I was wrong about that but fortunately we were able to go and return them all this morning. We got $200 back which almost paid for my cloth diaper stash. Getting all that money back felt really good and now I can start saving money every month!!

So after just a few days of fully cloth diapering I can say I am a believer. We did keep a backup stash of disposable diapers for things like going on long trips where we won't want to deal with cloth diaper laundry or if Cam gets a yeast diaper rash again like she did while she was on antibiotics and we don't want to spread it throughout the diapers. And like I said in my last post, I will definitely do a picture post detailing what is in my cloth diaper stash but we're still waiting on a few things.


  1. Love all the fluffy bottoms! And that's awesome that you were able to return so many diapers!

  2. Awesome post, and that's awesome you could return your spoises and pretty much pay for the CD stash. Hello money savings :D