Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cloth diapering

Yep, I said it, we're switching to cloth! Cloth diapering is something I had been considering since I was pregnant. But then life happened, Cameron came so early and I just had other things on my mind. When she was in the NICU I couldn't make the commitment because I was overwhelmed with other things. We also had the issue of her being so tiny that she wouldn't fit into cloth diapers for a while. Well, now she is bigger and life has calmed down so I got back to thinking about it. Finally I tried one out and decided I liked it enough to make the switch. Josh wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea because of the gross factor of reusing diapers, but honestly what do people think babies wore for all those years before disposables? Cloth! They have been used for ages!! Way longer than disposables!

Why am I cloth diapering? **Disclaimer: I am not saying that there is ANYTHING wrong with disposable diapers, this is just how I've come to feel about them**

First and foremost, I don't like the chemical smell when she pees. That is the main reason I'm switching. I know the UTI had nothing to do with what kind of diapers she wears but that is what brought the issue back to the front of my mind. She was put on antibiotics, got diarrhea, and got a bad diaper rash and I could only imagine that the chemicals weren't helping. Not saying disposable diaper chemicals cause diaper rash or anything like that, and who knows if the chemicals really even touch her skin, but every time she peed and I could smell the chemicals it would bother me. So anyways, that's reason number one. I'm sure Cameron would be just fine and the chemicals probably wouldn't even affect her, but for some reason I can't get past it anymore.

Reason number two, money. It will save us quite a bit of money over the years that she is in diapers. Josh and I could always stand to save some money and this is a great method of doing so. We use about 8 diapers a day and at 18 cents a diaper that is about 525 dollars per year. It only cost me about 300 dollars to put together a diaper stash that will last the whole 3 years Cameron is in diaper. So it will save me about 200 dollars the first year and the full 525 the second and third years.

Reason number three is because they are super, duper cute and much easier than you think. The cloth diapers many people think of are the old fashioned kind that you have to fold and pin. Well, modern day cloth diapers are MUCH different (at least the kind I'm using). They act exactly like disposable diapers, there is no folding or pinning or anything, you simply put them on the baby and hold them shut with velcro just like a disposable diaper. Then you take it off and throw it in a wet bag, and when you have a full load you transfer all of the diapers into the wash. It really is that simple. If they poop you do have to shake the poop off into the toilet but I personally don't think that's that big of a deal. I will be washing them every other day and it is easier than normal laundry, no folding involved! Then there's the cuteness factor, they come in fun colors and patterns and Cameron looks darn adorable in them!

Reason number four is for the environment. I like to think I am environmentally conscious. While this isn't the main reason I'm switching it definitely is a plus. I can't feel bad about the fact that I am more green because of cloth diapering!

Here are a couple pictures of Cam in one of her cloth diapers. I will go more into the details of what my cloth diaper stash consists of in another post!

Checking herself out!


  1. Super cute! It's so fun that so many moms in our group are switching :)

  2. I agree with Lindsey comment :) makes us all have that much more in common. I love the tots bots on miss Cameron too, she looks beautiful!