Sunday, May 20, 2012

She loves her...

activity center!!! I had previously shown pictures of Cameron in her jumperoo and while she enjoys jumping in that, she almost never plays with the toys. Cameron has not shown very much interest in toys as of yet. I wouldn't say I was really concerned but I was definitely paying attention to it. She's so high risk for developmental delays that I kind of have to watch a little closer than most parents. I had been starting to worry just a little about when she would start to show her toys some more interest. Well, before now Cameron had been too small for her activity center but we decided to try her in it today and see if she fits yet. She is definitely big enough for it now and to my surprise she immediately went crazy with everything!! She loved everything it had to offer with all the toys! The cutest part is how she tries with all her might to get everything in her mouth but it just doesn't reach. So of course I got plenty of pictures of her getting her hands on everything in sight. Josh and I got so excited and we were just so proud of our big girl! Where did our little preemie go??

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  1. That's great that she was so interested in everything! I've never seen that activity center before, looks like fun :)