Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This growing up stuff needs to slow down!!!

I just recently updated on how solids were going with Cameron and they weren't going well at all. So I tried them again yesterday and wouldn't you know, she eats 1.5 ounces of sweet peas!! She was loving it! Cam was talking up a storm the whole time, opening her mouth for the spoon, and swallowing food like a big girl. She desperately wanted to grab the spoon out of my hand and do it herself, but we all know how that would have ended (0% of the food getting into her mouth and 100% of the food on the floor). She also drank a little bit of water out of her sippy cup, I can't believe it. And so it was time to set up her high chair. Which means tomorrow I will feed her in a high chair. WOW does that blow my mind, she seems like such an old baby! And not too long ago I was thinking it would be FOREVER until I would have that experience. I've said it a million times before and I'll say it a million times again but where on earth did my little preemie go? It feels like yesterday she wasn't even able to breathe on her own and now she is eating sweet peas in a high chair!? Where the heck have the months gone? It makes me excited for the great things to come like crawling, walking, and talking but it makes me sad at how time is flying. I will miss these days so much. I already miss those days like crazy when Cameron would sleep the whole day away on my chest, now I'm lucky to get 20 minutes a week. It's the catch 22 of motherhood, you get so excited about the new experiences but miss the days of your completely dependent baby. Cam used to be entirely dependent on her mommy for nutrition, but now she can get it from fruits and veggies. Sometimes I think I'm ready for more independence but then I get it and I realize I'm not. I can't slow time down though so I just have to soak up and enjoy every second of the ride. Regardless of all the ups and downs I can't imagine a more rewarding experience than having a baby and being a mom. It truly is the greatest thing on earth.

Eating my sweet peas!!!

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