Thursday, December 8, 2011

37 weeks

That's Cameron's corrected gestational age, or how pregnant I would have been today. It's sad to me that she is not at all acting like a normal term baby. She still has apneas like crazy without the caffeine, she's still way smaller than a term baby, and she still can't bottle feed. If she had been born today she would not be having these issues.

The frustration of trying to get her to take bottles is almost overwhelming at this point. She just turns it on and off. Some days she does really well and some days she takes almost nothing from the bottle. Today has been an okay day but I'm not optimistic, I'm sure she will start doing worse again. I hate the fact that we would be home if she would just drink her bottles.

One good thing is they have successfully taken her off the lasix (or so it seems). Her weight gain has been really good since stopping her lasix (meaning it hasn't been too much). It doesn't look like she'll need to go back on but as we all know that could change at any moment.

I'll post some more pictures in a couple of days, I haven't done that in a while. Even with the little problems she is becoming such a big girl! She is almost 4 and a half pounds and getting close to growing out of her preemie diapers which is kind of exciting. 5 pounds here we come!!

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