Monday, December 12, 2011

She's coming home!!

Probably on Wednesday but possibly Thursday. I can not wait!!!!!!! Between this past Thursday and Friday she just had a moment where everything clicked. She quickly started taking all her feeds by bottle, went out into a regular crib Friday night, and had her feeding tube taken out Saturday. It was such an awesome weekend! She's still going great with her feeds so it looks like she'll be coming home this week.

They are sending her home on caffeine and a heart rate/breathing monitor. She has to wear it whenever she's not being held or watched (i.e. napping or nighttime). She will probably wear it for three months that way when she does come off the caffeine we can be sure she is not having bradys or apneas. I am completely fine with all of that because I will have true peace of mind. I won't be worrying that something is going on that we can't see.

I will update as I know more specifics. I am so happy this time has finally come!!!

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