Saturday, December 3, 2011

Good news

After Cameron got put back on the caffeine I was kind of upset thinking they would never be able to get her off and it would be forever until I got to take her home. But I talked to her doctors yesterday and they told me that if she was ready to come home they would be fine with sending her home on the caffeine! So I guess it really wasn't a setback at all as far as how long it will take to get her home. They said if they had to they would also send her home on the lasix. I am really fine with taking her home on caffeine but I do hope that they can get her off the lasix first. For some reason I almost would feel more comfortable if she came home on caffeine. I don't think I would be so worried about apneas. Anyways, I am so happy about this. I'm amazed at how well the caffeine works, seeing her do so poorly off of it and then do a complete 180 when they put her back on was amazing. But then technically the only thing that leaves for Cameron to do is to take all her feeds by bottle! Once she does that consistently we will finally get to take her home. Much to my dismay I think that will still take some time. The doctors have always told me that this is usually the last thing the babies have to conquer. She's still doing okay on her feedings. She actually had a really good night and morning where she finished all her bottles so I'm hoping she continues to do better and better. Next week she'll be 37 weeks corrected which is finally full term so they want her to start acting like a normal baby! It's so weird, whenever I got upset about a setback they would always say, "remember she's still very young and she's not supposed to be born yet". So next week they really can't say that anymore. But I'm sure Cameron will not care about being 37 weeks corrected so we'll have to see what she decides!

In other news, March of Dimes posted their list of March for Babies events for next year. The date for Cleveland is Sunday April 29. It's a 4 mile walk that will start downtown. Josh and I are really excited about it and hope to march with Cameron as long as we get the okay from her doctor! We'll be putting together a team and we really hope that everyone in the area who is able to march will join our team and march with us! It is something that is really important to us as March of Dimes potentially may have saved Cameron's life with all the medical advancements they have made through their research. Anyways, it's still far away but we are getting excited!

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