Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home update

I haven't checked in in a while and Cameron has been home for a whole week! It's so crazy, this week has flown by. We are so busy but we are really loving it. It is still surreal to me that when I wake up she is right there next to me.

Overall our transition to home was very easy, Cameron has been doing so well. We still have a little bit of feeding issues, that's where her prematurity really shows. Preemies frequently have much more trouble eating than term babies. She is eating as much as she needs to be and is gaining weight appropriately it's just a little bit frustrating for Josh and I. But she will get it. We've been playing around with whether to breast feed or continue bottle feeding with the added formula for calories. It seems to me like the formula is upsetting her stomach making her not want to eat. When I breast feed or give her a bottle of only breast milk she seems to be much happier. As long as her weight gain doesn't slow down I am going to try to cut out the formula since it doesn't seem to be agreeing with her.

We had her first pediatrician appointment on Friday and a follow up eye appointment downtown at the Cleveland Clinic's main campus on Tuesday. The pediatrician appointment went perfectly. She was really happy with Cameron's weight gain and thought she just looked awesome for a 26 weeker (who still hasn't hit her due date). She had no health concerns about her whatsoever and she is now 5 pounds!! The eye doctor went pretty well too but not as well as I had hoped. The retina in her right eye is now fully developed and looks great. Her left eye is not quite there yet and has also developed stage 1 ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) since the last time he saw her. The eye doctor said this is nothing to be concerned about and wants to see her again in 2 weeks. He expects at that time for the ROP to have resolved and the eye to be fully developed. But until then he wants to monitor her closely to make sure it doesn't get worse.

Our neighbor came over the other day to do some photos of Cameron. I am so excited about how well they turned out so I thought I would share them!! She is becoming such a big girl :)

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