Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After a long 82 days in the NICU, Cameron is finally home. It feels wonderful. We are loving every second of her being home. It feels very strange that we don't have to part with her tonight. I keep forgetting that she's home and then when she grunts or cries, for a second I'm like what's that noise?! And then I realize, oh yeah, there's a baby here!!

She is such a good baby and a really awesome sleeper (knock on wood). Sometimes we have to wake her up to eat, she'll sleep through the whole bottle but drinks it like a champ! She is quite the star feeder compared to how bad her start was.

Her alarm is a little annoying but I like the peace of mind. It is as loud as a fire alarm and every once in a while it will alarm saying her leads are loose. When that happens she's always wiggling out of the strap that holds the leads on but man is it loud, I guess it's good though because if there were a real alarm for a brady or an apnea we would definitely wake up. It's nice because we were able to keep it off most of the evening since we were holding her but just had to put it on for sleep time.

Penny is a little confused but taking it well. She can't quite understand why she is suddenly getting less attention. She's also very curious how this teeny tiny little person can make so much noise. She's been really good though, she doesn't have much interest in getting near Cameron. The closest she got was about a foot away and she was sniffing furiously but then backed off.

Overall our first night went great! I'm just so happy to have her home. She's keeping us busy but it's great!

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