Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cameron is a superstar!!

For the past 2 days, every time we have given Cameron a bottle she has taken the whole thing! Something just clicked for her. She took 5 of the last 8 feedings completely through the bottle and the 3 that she didn't take they didn't even try, they were just giving her time to rest. So, starting this morning at 11:00 she is getting all of her feeds by bottle! That means if she goes 24 hours without the nurses having to use her feeding tube it will be taken out!!!! So the earliest it could be taken out is tomorrow morning :D But as usual that is all up to miss Cameron. If she decides she wants to be a little diva and quit halfway through even one feed and they have to put the rest through her tube, the 24 hours starts over. I am over the moon!! I thought it would take way longer to get to this point but it looks like the NG tube will come out this week, and even as early as tomorrow woohoooo! I realized today I have yet to get a picture of her bottle feeding so I will take one the next chance I get and post it! And then once her NG tube comes out she becomes eligible for the open air crib. Woah. My 2 lb preemie is becoming such a big girl.

Once her feeding tube comes out the doctors are thinking her desats might clear up a little bit. The tube is constantly keeping the muscle that closes her stomach open and that allows some food to come back up which can cause the desats. Once the tube is out her stomach will stay closed and help stop them. That's the hope anyways. The other issues is still the lasix. They put her back to every other day lasix so we will see how she holds up with that.

I can't believe there is such a short list of things to happen before she comes home. Taking all feeds by bottle, open air crib, no more desats, and no more lasix. And it looks like we are about to cross a couple of those off. Maybe her homecoming is closer than we think...

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