Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We've got a 3 pounder!!

Woohooo! Cameron weighed in at 3 lb 0.7 oz today :D

Everything else is still about the same. Still on the nasal cannula and having her normal oxygen issues. Even so her doctor is actually starting to wean her off the cannula. She had a chest x-ray this morning and her lungs are now completely clear of fluid. The doc said everything looks beautiful compared to her first x-ray. As always he is so happy with her progress and doesn't care about the oxygen issues. It actually is much better than it used to be and he feels it is something she will grow out of as her lungs mature.

I have a feeling things will remain pretty stagnant until they start bottle feeding her in a week or so. There's not a whole lot left to do with her and she is just working on growing and growing! I literally can't believe how big she is compared to how she looked at birth. It's unreal.

That's it for this evening, yay for Cameron hitting 3 pounds!!!

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