Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She's a free bird

with her new nasal cannula! She looks SO much more comfy and she is tolerating it so well. Even on the nasal cannula she isn't needing any oxygen, go Cameron!! She is slowly shedding all her cords and uncomfortable equipment :) Now if only we could get that feeding tube out but it's gonna be a while for that one...
and after!
In other news, they did a repeat echocardiogram today and her PDA is getting smaller!!  Still definitely there but smaller is good so I'm happy. And no weight yet, they're not doing it until later tonight but her doctor assured me today that he's fine with her weight and he really thinks she will be home before Christmas if she keeps progressing this way. Of course he reminded me that "setbacks do happen" but as long as there's nothing major we should get to take her a couple weeks before her due date (12/29). That's good to hear, the doctors rarely say those kinds of things to me because they don't want to be the bad guy if it doesn't work out that way. At least he is confident enough now to tell me that. How exciting! Now that it's November I can say we're taking her home next month!!

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