Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First bottles :)

Cameron had her first bottles today! She got used to the bolus feeds and stopped spitting up after eating so she was ready to start bottle feeding :D The first one this morning she took down like a champ, finished the whole thing pretty quickly. The second one she still did really well with but only got about two thirds down, the rest they put down her feeding tube. The nurses are so impressed with how she is doing for her very first bottles, it can take a while for things to click for preemies. They don't have the natural suck-swallow-breathe pattern down the way a normal newborn does so for them it's a learning process. For now it will stay at two bottles per day. Also, they stopped her caffeine today and plan on stopping her lasix I think sometime this week, and that's really it for her meds. She's off all her breathing support and she's ready for the open air crib (they still won't actually do it for a while since the isolette isn't hurting anything).  The only thing we have left to conquer is getting her to take all her feedings by the bottle :D

And of course she's still growing like crazy, now weighing in at 3 lbs 10.8 oz!!! It's so surreal that she is getting close to 4 lbs. The 4 pound range is when a lot of the babies come home. Things are just FLYING now and I've already said this a million times but I can't believe how big she is getting! She truly looks like a normal newborn which is amazing. Things are really wrapping up. Her doctor is betting on 3 more weeks in the NICU. So that's actually pretty close... her homecoming is creeping up on us, I guess I really need to seriously get everything ready for her at home sooner rather than later!

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