Saturday, November 26, 2011

We're still here

Sorry I haven't updated in a while it's just that nothing really had happened until today. We're definitely focused on getting Cameron to take all her bottles. Sometimes she is very interested and gulps them down in 10 minutes and sometimes she won't even take half. It's hit or miss. She is mostly ready to go home except for the bottle feeding.

Pretty much the only other thing she needs to do is come off the lasix. Not sure when that is going to happen, she was supposed to come off Monday or Tuesday but it doesn't look like that is going to happen since she gained 6 ounces last night. In case you were wondering, that's way too much. They like her to gain about an ounce per day. She went from 3 lb 12 oz to 4 lb 2 oz. Anything over 1-2 ounces is usually water weight which means she's retaining a ton of fluid. So instead of trying to take her off the medication they started her on daily lasix instead of every other day. UGH. But hey, at least she hit the 4 pound mark... She also hadn't pooped in a while so they thought that could be contributing to the weight gain. They weighed her after she had a large bowel movement and she was down an ounce to 4 lb 1 oz.

Another kind of exciting thing is she had her 2 month shots this week! She is such a big girl! I thought they would do those when she was 2 months adjusted but they actually do it with her actual age. She clearly didn't feel well for a couple of days but that's to be expected. She started having some more oxygen desaturations which her doctor says is how the preemies show that they are not feeling well after their vaccinations. She is back to normal today though and doing really well. She still has some desats but is much better. That's really the only other thing that needs to happen before she goes home, she has to stop desatting but they say the babies always grow out of it.

So anyways, with the new lasix issue plus the bottle feeding it's going to be a couple more weeks. The neonatologists all say that the babies usually go home around 37 weeks corrected. She is 35 right now so that would give us 2 weeks and I doubt that's going to happen. Her doctor said it's possible she could surprise us and make it happen though but now looking doubtful. 38 weeks corrected may even be too soon, he's now pretty much hoping for 39. So we'll see. It's gotta be sometime in December or I'm gonna lose my mind. Her doctor still is confident it will be before Christmas which is mostly what I care about.

Snuggling with mommy!

Such a sweet baby :)
Exhausted after a bottle "too much milk!!"

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