Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For 'P' this week I chose the word peaceful to describe Cameron at nap time. She loves to sleep in her boppy and it seems like not a thing in the world could disturb her! It was about 80 degrees yesterday so she was all dressed for summer and just lounging away on what felt like a lazy summer afternoon. We had just gotten back from a walk outside and she was exhausted!

Oh and see that anklet she's wearing? It looks cute but it's not just for style. It is an amber teething anklet. Supposedly the heat of her skin causes the amber to release oils that absorb into her bloodstream and somehow help with teething pain. I have NO idea if it actually works or not, it's one of those old natural practices they have been using on babies forever so I figure it's worth a try! She has been showing a lot of teething symptoms lately and even if she doesn't cut a tooth in the near future her doctor said it is very likely that she's already experiencing some teething pain. Some babies just have the pain and symptoms for a long time before that first tooth pops up. We will see what Cameron does!

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