Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Potatoes

I have been planning for a while to make my own baby food for Cameron. With the plan in place to start her on solids in about 3 weeks, I figure it's time to start making it. I am freezing it for now and then can have stores of food to thaw instead of having to make it as I go. It's not hard. I have a baby bullet that I use and I am storing it in ice cube trays which portions out the food really well into small serving sizes. I started today with organic sweet potatoes!

Step 1: Bake sweet potato
Step 2: Spoon out from skin
Step 3: Put in baby bullet 
Step 4: Blend
Step 4: Portion 
Step 5: Label and store

When I take it out and thaw it to actually feed Cameron I will need to thin it out a little bit. You can use water, formula, or breast milk but formula and breast milk add extra nutrition. And since I have about 400 oz of frozen breast milk that's what I will be using! You can thin it before freezing it but I can't thaw the breast milk and re-freeze it so I'll have to add it afterwards. Which is just as well because sometimes if you freeze the food pre-thinned it can thaw more watery, this way I'll be able to get it exactly the consistency I want it. I have glass baby food jars which I will put the thawed food into. I also plan on doing avocado and a few others over the next couple of weeks. And there you have it, that's the whole baby food making process! It's easy and fun (not to mention cheaper and all organic)!

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