Saturday, April 7, 2012

Springy photo dump

Here are some brand new photos taken in my favorite spring outfits! She is just the happiest baby. Her new thing is blowing raspberries so there's a lot of spit and bubbles. She's very smiley in these pictures and my favorite smiles are where she sticks her tongue out! Plus she shows off what she can do during tummy time. Oh and a few more pouting photos are in here. She just gets more and more beautiful every day, I can't get over it. Josh and I must tell her how cute and pretty she is about 500 times a day. Enjoy! I'll also be taking some photos tomorrow in her Easter outfit so be on the lookout for those next week.


  1. She is so pretty and um definitely spitting image of your husband, sorry Megan lol! I cant decide what color I think her hair is, it looks like she has some red in it. Yay for smiley tummy time!

  2. omg! just look how gorgeous she is! so happy for you and your family. (glenrapids)